Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pray for Haiti

My heart is heavy and my soul is crying out to my Father to protect and spare the people of Haiti. I know children are going to terrified by the waves and the sounds of this category 4 hurricane. I know mommas are going to protect their babies as best as they can. However, this is difficult in such a poverty-stricken country. These people, these souls, are going to a living nightmare and there is literally nothing more they can do. There is very little protection, and what decent protection there is from the storm, is already at full capacity. Families will lose EVERYTHING today. Communities have already lost members, and many areas didn't even know it was coming.

God's word is being spread, but it is going to be questioned after this. Missionaries who are devoting their lives to serve this country are going to be in need of support physically, monetarily, and spiritually. We need to help. I am starting right now to help.

Starting TOMORROW morning, my TpT store will be doing sales as normal. All net proceeds for the next week will be donated to healing hands international to help with the devistation that is insuing right now. I encourage ALL of my fellow TpT sellers to do the same. One week. 7 days. This could change lives.

Please, if you can't purchase anything, lift this country and the families up in prayer to the Most Holy Lord. Pray for peace, comfort, and protection. Pray for willing hearts to share what they have to help these that have so little. Pray that life is not lost. Pray that homes remain intact. Pray that help arrives to be warriors for this people.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pumpkins & Freebies!

Welcome to the great month of OCTOBER! This is probably one of my most favorite months of the year. The leaves are changing from green to gold and the temperature is cool enough for scarves. Seriously, I have a slight addiction to scarves ;)

So, to welcome this wonderful month I'm offering a FREEBIE opportunity.

This is my newest product to help your students meet behavior goals! Then they have a little tag they can wear, hang on a backpack, or display in the classroom.

SWAG Tags are taking over the classroom and knocking candy and treasure boxes out the window. In this set, there are 15 tags that encourage kids to be the best they can be in their behavior.

But, there is something even better! You could get this FOR FREE! How? head over to my Facebook Page, share the post with the Behavior Tags and write your favorite ice-cream flavor in the comments! One person will be randomly chosen and announced on TUESDAY!

Happy October!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flash Sale!

Today is my favorite teacher's birthday!!!! My MOM! She will be ... well, I'll just say she is another year younger! ;)

If you don't know me personally, or are new to my site/store, you may not know that I had the best teacher through my entire K-12 school career. I was home schooled by my Mom, Bonnie. Now, there is a stigma when it comes to home education. Let me just tell you, my mom almost broke herself keeping all 4 of her kids involved in SOOOO many things: tutorials, musicals, baseball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, art, plays, mission trips, field trips, fund-raisers, etc. Yes, she is super woman. It was really because of her that I went into teaching the public school system ... talk about culture shock.

Anywho! Thanks to her, I am who I am today. This means that YOU get the benefit! Today is a "Salute to Mom" sale, in honor of her ___ birthday!

Head on over to my store to get in on the great prices!

You already know that I'm a cheaper store, so sales make it EVEN BETTER! While you're there, feel free to leave a birthday wish for my mom in the feedback! I know she'd love it!

Also, check out my newest products to help bulk up your social studies with reading comprehension activities!

Check out the Social Studies Units Here!

Happy Weekend!!!!

It's HERE!

It's completely finished! Whew! Oh, that's right, you have no clue what I'm talking about.

Here are the previews into the newest product :)


This is the largest SS unit I've made this way. I really hope you like it. It is a FULL set!
Feel free to share this link with your friends!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's Fall, Y'all!!!

FINALLY! I don't know where you're located in your educating journey, but here in Tennessee we have hit fall ... kind of. Well, I can't say that I'm counting the temperature as fall. It's been in the high 80s/90s during the day and mid 70s at night. As I said ... it's fall, kind of.
However, what a blessing! I woke up this morning, let our dog, Bruno out, and felt the most glorious temperature! It's mid 60s and I love it. I am actually wearing long sleeves! I know ... it's incredible. Is there anyone out there who agrees that autumn is the best season of the year?

I love the this time - pumpkins, leaves changing colors, fire-pits with s'mores, hot soups with fall veggies, sweatshirts, scarves, and smelling the change of season.

Currently, I am sitting in a patch of shade with wisps of sunshine on my legs, watching Crosby color the patio with his favorite color of chalk. This is perfection. I will DEFINITELY be making soup for dinner ... and lunch ... oh shoot, I may just go and make soup now!

Okay, onto the purpose of this post! I have a REALLY easy and fun "Seasons"  creation station that would be wonderful for your class. Just lay out the supplies with the kid-friendly directions and watch them create! It's one of my favorite centers! I typically do these as an end-of-writing project.

If you're somewhere that fall time has hit, do me a favor and just ENJOY it!
Life is short, so eat s'mores!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Upping the Anty

Okay, soooo ... I did it. I finally OVERHAULED my website. Granted, it isn't quite where I want it, but I do really like where it's at now!

It's getting late here, so this will be brief. I just want to pray a blessing over all of the teachers that I know personally, and those that I don't know at all. Teaching puts us into the trenches of war on poverty, self-doubt, and destruction. While we aren't armed with tons of cash to buy solutions, we have been blessed by a God with wisdom and creativity.

Thank you for these men and women who are devoting their existence to training up children to be good people... knowledgeable people ... wise people who will serve their communities. I pray that during this upcoming week that you alleviate stress, or at least minimize it. I pray that students come with open minds to what they CAN do, instead of what our cultures says they can't do. I life up the staff and faculty that keep order in the halls and the various activities. Open the eyes of this nation, of the parents, of the kids, of the leaders to follow You. Give them all hope.


Blessings y'all,

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Student Evaluation/Help System

I don't know about you, but keeping my kids from calling out with comments like, "I can't do this!" or "I don't get it!" was not only distracting for me, but also distracting to other kids in the room. It then became an epidemic of kids calling my name (which I threatened to change on multiple occasions) and being verbally discouraging to themselves.

Here is an option to help curb that issue!

These are student triangular prisms (kind of). Print, cut, fold, and glue. Give one to each kid to have on their desk. You explain that they can aim the color side that matches how they are doing toward the teacher. This will allow the teacher to SEE who needs help without kids distracting others! While this is nifty, it isn't may original idea, just my original creation for my store.